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A Comprehensive Set of 4 Books and a KJV Bible


KJV Kids Outreach Bible

The KJV Kids Outreach Bible introduces young readers to the time- honored KJV text in readable black letter type. The full biblical text is accompanied by a number of helpful resources that will allow those who are unfamiliar with the Bible, as well as new believers, to understand the Gospel.

The article “How to Become a Christian,” written by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, lays out in simple language the basic ideas of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross and what that means for each of us. Easy-to-understand sections with paralleled Bible verses—such as “We are sinful,” “Sin has a penalty,” and “Christ has paid our penalty!”—guide the reader down the path to a personal relationship with God and encourage them to invest in a Christian community.

Other articles include:

• “Harmony of the Gospels”
• “Key Bible Promises”
• A guide to Parables in the Old and New Testaments
• A guide to Old Testament Prophesies of the Passion


Marriage Undercover
Thriving in a Culture of Quiet Desperation
By Bob Meisner, Audrey Meisner, Stephen W. Nance

This is a true story that every husband and wife should read. Bob and Audrey Meisner had it all: a fruitful ministry, three beautiful children, a picture-perfect marriage. Their future seemed secure and their prospects bright until adultery threatened to bring it all crashing down. Faced with the greatest personal crisis of their lives, Bob and Audrey found hope and rescue through godly counsel and through learning the biblical principle of covering to protect their marriage and their family. Through heart-wrenching emotional anguish, deep layers of repentance and forgiveness, and even an unanticipated pregnancy, Bob and Audrey found restoration in discovering the true nature of supernatural love and the limitless grace of a merciful God. Against all conventional wisdom and human expectations, their marriage not only survived, but came to thrive in the midst of a culture that is increasingly hostile to traditional family values. Learn how to cover your marriage and protect your family. Rediscover how to become irresistible to your spouse. Learn how to make your marriage thrive in a culture of quiet desperation. Take cover! Don't leave your marriage unprotected!

Making The Most of Your Teenage Years
By David Burrows

How can you make the most of your teenage years? Discover who you really are and how to plan for the three phases of your life. This book shows you how to

  • Invest in yourself early in life
  • Build relationships based on respect – not sex
  • Set realistic goals for your future
  • Choose the right college and career
  • Handle money wisely


Strategies for Saving the Next Generation
By David Burrows

Designed to give practical instructions to those involved in youth work and ministry, this book enables them to be effective in reaching and discipling the youth for Christ. Burrows presents a blueprint for starting and running an effective youth ministry, full of practical suggestions and insight gained over years of work with youth.


Falling in Love with God Again
By Dr. Earl D. Johnson

Falling in Love with God Again gives believers a road map back to a strong relationship with God. The author identifies pitfalls that cause believers to stray from God, spiritual keys for starting over with God and guidelines and boundaries to avoid straying from God's arms again. Many believers conclude that joy, peace, love, hope and security cannot be found in earthly possessions, but only can be found in the arms of God Almighty. It is time for you to bypass the distractions in your life and Fall in Love with God Again?