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The Topical Study Bible offers you an exciting opportunity to study the entire Scriptures in a fresh, new way. Now you can easily research your favorite Bible topics, see more clearly how the Old Testament and the New Testament fit together, bring together various Scripture passages chronologically, and above all, experience the wonder of God's great plan of salvation that fills the whole Bible from Genesis through Revelation.

The Topical Study Bible has been uniquely designed to link passages throughout the Bible that address a similar topic or theme.

The Topical Study Bible is filled with various study helps to make it easy for you to do a topical study of the Scriptures.



1. Introductions and Theme Charts

The Introduction to each book of the Bible in The Topical Study Bible will make you aware of the major themes in each book. It will also show you how those themes relate to your daily life.

In the first paragraph of each Introduction, the theme words are in italics. In the Gospel of Luke, for example, there are five key themes: Plan of God, Worldwide Savior, Social Concern, Prayer and Joy (see p. 1044). The second paragraph suggests several ways in which the themes can be applied to daily living.


2. Study Helps within the Bible Text

a. Theme Notes

The themes of each book of the Bible (outlined in the Introduction) are expanded into Theme Notes, located within the Bible text. Theme Notes are indicated by the symbol T .


b. Topical Notes

The Topical Study Bible contains approximately 250 Topical Notes on important Bible subjects. Some of these (such as "Election," "Justification" and "Redemption") are doctrinal in nature; others (such as "Abortion," "Mercy" and "Sexual Standards") deal with significant moral issues. Still others (such as "David," "Grief," "Temple" and "Women") are of a more general nature. These notes will give you important factual information in an easy-to-read format.

Each of these Topical Notes is set in a boldface type. The note is located within the text, close to its text reference. It will be marked with the symbol N.   Each note briefly discusses the significance of that topic in the entire Bible.


c. Prophecy Notes

The Topical Study Bible accents the unity of the Old Testament and the New Testament by including 140 Prophecy Notes, located within the Bible text and identified by the symbol p. These brief notes draw your attention to specific prophecies in the Bible and to their fulfillment.


d. Time Links

The Topical Study Bible contains 90 Time Links, designated by the symbol TL. Time Links connect widely separated passages of Scripture that occurred at approximately the same time. For example, most evan­gelical scholars think that the events of the book of Job took place about the time of Abraham. A Time Link at Gen 13:2 (see p. 14) draws that to your attention.


3. Topical Ties

At the end of each Topical Note is a section entitled "Topical Ties." Topical Ties join together four to twelve Bible references, all on the same Bible topic; each one is a subdivision of the Topical Note. The symbol B ("Begin") alerts you to the beginning text in a Topical Tie. The texts of the Topical Ties support the information given in the Topical Note.


4. Topical Index

The Topical Study Bible contains an extensive Topical Index in the front of the book. This index outlines what the Bible says about all of the topics covered in the Topical Notes, plus many other important Biblesubjects, persons and places. The Index also tells you whether or not there is a Topical Note or Theme Note on any particular subject.


5. "Old Testament in the New" Charts

Located at the end of 41 of the 66 books of the Bible are "Old Testament in the New" Charts, designed (like the Prophecy Notes) to tie the Old and New Testaments together. In the Old Testament, these charts tell you at a glance which passages of each Old Testament book are quoted in the New Testament; in the New Testament, these charts list all of the texts of the Old Testament that each New Testament authors quoted.


6. General Charts

Finally, there are several general charts that have been developed for The Topical Study Bible. They are:

(1)  A Chart on the Festivals of Israel, showing the passages where the laws for these festivals are located and the Old and New Testament texts that refer to these festivals.

(2)  A Chart of the Kings of Israel and Judah, showing their chronological relationship and giving Scripture references that describe their reigns.

(3)   Several Charts on the Ministry of Jesus, including one that gives his resurrection appearances .

(4)   Several Charts listing all the Parables and Miracles in both Old and New Testaments.